Controls, Avionics, & Simulations

What is Control, Avionics, & Simulation (CAS) System? 

The controls and avionics sub-team is responsible for making sure that the engine functions properly and that all other subsystems work in conjunction. The major engine functions that the sub-team deals with are ignition, shutdown, and engine health management. All three of these functions make heavy use of sensor data, and sensors will be the main hardware focus for the sub-team. Ignition is the sequence of events required to start the engine. The ignition steps must take place in a certain order and meet certain prerequisite conditions before moving on to the next step in order to avoid failures such as a hard start. “Shutdown” is the sequence of events required to end engine operations. Health management is the process of monitoring sensor data throughout engine operations in the effort to detect and correct errors. The system must have a way of reading sensor data from multiple sensor clusters and determining if that data indicates an error. If an error is detected the system must actuate a response to correct the error and protect the engine.

Joining the CAS Sub-System:  

The controls and avionics sub-team is looking for motivated students who want to work on a long-term design project. Freshmen through grad students are welcome. Students should be good at independent learning and have good teamwork skills. Experience with programming, sensors, and data processing is a plus. All majors are welcome, however ECEN, MEEN, AERO, and COMP SCI are in high demand.

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