Controls, Avionics, & Simulations

What is the Control, Avionics, & Simulation Sub-Team? 

The Control, Avionics, and Simulation, also known as CAS, sub-team is responsible for the engine’s power, avionics, and communication system. The sub-team’s goal is to create a system that can read sensor data from multiple sensor clusters and determine if the data indicates an error. Upon detection of an error, the system must produce a response to correct the error and protect the engine. Furthermore, the sub-team will design, build, and test a functioning liquid rocket engine. 

Joining the Control, Avionics, & Simulation Sub-Team  

The design of the Control, Avionics, & Simulation System requires a level of understanding that can only be reached through continuous research. We are looking for highly motivated and passionate engineering students that have experience in coding, structural design, testing electronics, and manufacturing.

Team Members

Project Manager

Pranati Chinthapenta

Daniel Vorobiev

Reginald Frank

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