Thrust Chamber

What is the Thrust Chamber Assembly?:

The Thrust Chamber Assembly consists of the Gimbal, Injector, Igniter, Combustion Chamber, and the Nozzle. As a sub-team, we are responsible for injecting, igniting, and combusting high-pressure propellant to produce our team’s target thrust set at 50,000 pounds. To do this, we must design an intake manifold to feed the high-pressure propellant into an injector plate so that the fuel and oxidizer will reach a precise mixture-ratio. The igniter will then combust the mixture, giving the nozzle the ability to accelerate the exhaust gases to the target thrust. Once the rocket engine is fired, the gimbal and hydraulic actuators will adjust the thrust vector according to the flight plan.

Joining Thrust Chamber Assembly Sub-Team:

The design of the TCA requires a level of understanding that can only be reached through continuous exposure to the material. We are looking for highly motivated and passionate engineering students that have knowledge of rocket engine study, CAD modeling, 3D printing, coding, and manufacturing. So if you’re ready to learn and contribute to design a rocket engine, let’s get to work.

Team Member

Team Leader
Logan Frenchak

Logan Frenchak, a super senior, is pursuing a Bachelors in Aerospace Engineering. His hometown is Magnolia, Texas. Logan is working towards a career in rocket propulsion in the commercial space industry. A fun fact about Logan is that he chooses to sleep in a twin bed.

Team Member
Erin Sigler

Erin Sigler, a sophomore, is pursuing a Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering. Her hometown is Round Rock, Texas. Erin would like to develop mechanical components for the aerospace companies like NASA, SpaceX or Lockheed Martin. Erin has always loved space and wanted to travel into space, but ironically has never even left the country.

Team Member
Tyler Bittner

Tyler Bitter, a sophomore, is pursuing a Bachelors in Aerospace Engineering. His hometown is Clearwater, Florida. Once Tyler graduates, he hopes to become an astronaut.

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