Propellant feed

What is the Propellant Feed Sub-Team?

The Propellant Feed sub-team is responsible for designing, analyzing, and fabricating complex Values, Tubes, and Bearings. The sub-team’s goal is to produce a system that will deliver liquid oxygen and RP-1 from one rocket engine assembly to the next in the most effective way possible. The Propellant Feed Assembly must incorporate safety factors to ensure the safety of the rocket engine. Furthermore, the sub-team will design, build, and test a functioning liquid rocket engine. 

Joining the Propellant Feed Sub-team

The design of the Propellant Feed Assembly requires a level of understanding that can only be reached through continuous research. We are looking for outstanding individuals who are motivated, passionate, willing to work towards a long-term goal, and exhibit great teamwork skills. Individuals also need experience in solidworks, finite element analysis, computational fluid dynamics, and manufacturing.


Project Manager
Zachary Schermerhorn

Andrew Jurek

Garret Jibrail

Ujwala Bhagavatula

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