Propellant feed

What is Propellant Feed?

The propellant feed subteam is responsible for the delivery of both liquid oxygen (LOX) and RP-1 (Rocket Propellant-1) from one rocket engine assembly to the next in the most effective way possible. This task requires the use of complex valves, filters, tubes, tube fittings, etc. all working as an ensemble to prevent a catastrophic event. The propellant feed team will be focusing on 4 major items during the 2017-2018 academic year: a preliminary CAD model of the propellant feed system, a C++ simulation for the fast calculation of the head-loss through the subsystem, the design of both the main LOX/RP-1 valves and the physical testing of vendor-supplied components.

Joining Propellant Feed Sub-team:

The propellant feed subteam is looking for outstanding individuals of all disciplines and grade level who are motivated, passionate, willing to work towards a long-term goal and exhibit great teamwork skills. Experience with programming, CAD modeling, and computer simulations is a plus.


Team Member
Garret Jibrail

Garrett Jibrail is a freshman Aerospace Engineering major from Dallas, TX. His dream job is to design Vertical Take-off and Landing planes after he graduates. He loves Saab cars and currently owns a 9-3.

Team Member
Andrew Jurek

Andrew Jurek is a junior Aerospace Engineering major from Dallas, TX. 


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