What is the Turbopump Sub-Team?

The Turbopump sub-team is responsible for designing, analyzing, and fabricating a Volute, Impeller, and Inducer. The sub-team’s goal is to produce a Turbopump that can efficiently raise the pressure of each propellant. A tremendous amount of liquid pressure is required at the combustion chamber to generate thrust for the engine. The sub-team will use additive manufacturing to produce a Turbopump that will accomplish this task. Furthermore, the sub-team will design, build, and test a functioning liquid rocket engine.

Joining the Turbopump Sub-Team

The design of the Turbopump Assembly requires a level of understanding that can only be reached through continuous research. We are looking for individuals that are eager, self-driven, and able to quickly grasp the complexities associated with pumps. Individuals need experience with 3D modeling, computational fluid dynamics (CFD), and additive manufacturing. People that have experience with turbomachinery or rotor dynamics analysis and design are preferred.


Team Members

Project Manager
Bryce Moran

Callen Hajda

River Dwight

Jack Weber

Team Member
Paul Hefner

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